Fees and Financial Support


For California resident graduate students, the fees for the 2013-2014 academic year are $7,900.75 per semester; for nonresidents and international students, $15,451.75 per semester. These fees include a health insurance fee of $1,386 per semester. Health insurance fees may be waived if resident and nonresident graduate students provide verification that they have comparable health insurance coverage.

Fees for the Summer Sessions vary according to the number of units taken and are the same for resident, nonresident, and international students. All fees are subject to change.

If you have questions about California state residency, contact the residency unit of the Registrar's Office, 120 Sproul Hall, (510) 642-1614.


UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education has a strong fellowship program, with numerous avenues for applying for financial support. Generally about 60% of the applicants admitted to the GSE, who requested fellowship consideration, receive an award offer. Some fees are waived for students in the Principal Leadership Institute.

Applicants who applied for financial aid receive an offer of financial aid from the Graduate Financial Aid Office at UC Berkeley.

For more fellowship and financial aid information, visit the UC Berkeley Graduate Division website.

The deadline to apply for fellowships is December 3, 2013, if you are not currently a student in the Graduate School of Education.

Fellowships may provide a stipend, and/or fees and tuition, to support the living and educational expenses of graduate study. If you apply for fellowship support, your application will be judged competitively on the basis of the quality of your previous academic work, on the evidence of your ability to do research and other accomplishments, and on your promise of becoming a productive scholar. Credential program applicants will be evaluated based on their potential to be successful educators in California schools.

You may also want to apply for need-based financial aid, which requires a separate application. Instructions can be found online at the website for Berkeley's Student Financial Aid Office and click on "Graduate Award Guide."

How to Apply for Fellowships

Applications for fellowships are considered only once a year. Applicants must complete the Fellowships section of the Graduate Division Application (either the 'Domestic Students' or 'International Students' page). All application materials, including GRE scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation, are due by the application deadline for your program. Fellowship applicants need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in time for the Graduate School of Education to receive their official scores by the application deadline, if that exam is required by the program to which you are applying.

Both multi-year and single-year fellowships are awarded through this fellowship program. Multi-year fellowships are awarded through a campuswide competition. Fellowship applications are first reviewed by the School of Education, which makes recommendations to the campus's Committee on Fellowships and Graduate Scholarships. In addition, the School of Education nominates applicants for single-year awards from block grant and various departmentally restricted fellowship sources.

Returning Students and Applicants for Readmission should contact the Fellowships Assistant in January at (510) 643-1720 for a continuing student fellowship application and information. This includes current UC Berkeley graduate students who are applying for a change of degree goal and/or major.

Student Employment

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions are available to graduate students in the Graduate School of Education. Applicants who have been admitted to a graduate program in the Graduate School of Education should contact their faculty adviser to inquire about the possibility of employment. In addition to a stipend, students who work at least 45 percent time as a GSR receive full (resident) fee remission and nonresident tuition (where applicable). GSIs and GSRs receive partial fee remission if working at least 25 percent time. There are some restrictions on the amount of time a student can work, especially if the student is receiving a fellowship.

For additional information on fellowships, refer to the Graduate Application for Admissions and Fellowships.