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Aki Murata

Assistant Professor *
Ph.D. in Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. 2002
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. 1997

Dr. Murata's research focuses on developing better understanding of and improving teaching and learning of mathematics in elementary classrooms. Improving mathematics education is a significant task, and my research places an angle on examining classrooms as a learning space where teaching and learning interact. My work aims to unpack and explain the complex processes of such interactions. In investigating these interactions, I emphasize teaching supports (e.g., visual representations) as windows into the practice, for how they are used as instructional tools, how teachers make sense of the roles of the supports, how the supports are used, and how students learn with them. Another important aspect of my work is to explore how group and individual learning occur simultaneously and affect each other in classrooms. I also use lesson study as a research context to examine these interactions and study how teachers learn in collaboration and how lesson study supports instructional improvement.

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