Leadership Programs Publications

PLI Impact Report: Designing Transformational Learning To Prepare Social Justice Leaders (April 2020)
Laying the Foundation (LtF): A Framework for Integrating Performative Modalities in Social Justice School Leadership Programs (March 2020)
PLI Annual Update 2019
PLI: The First 20 Years (2019)
‘Buen mentor’ y ‘buena mentoría’ según actores de programas de inducción a directores novatos chilenos. (2019)
(Article is in Spanish. Title translation: "Good mentors and good mentoring according to the actors of induction programs for Chilean novice principals.")
PLI Impact Report: Leadership Support Program (Spring 2019)
Performance Assessment of Aspiring School Leaders Grounded in an Epistemology of Practice: A Case Study
Improving Leader Retention and Self Efficacy through Induction: PLI Leadership Support Program’s Promising Results
PLI Annual Update 2018
Defining Teacher Leadership: A Framework
The Initial Impact of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) Policy on Preparation Programs
PLI Annual Update 2017
School-Wide Transformation Toward Arts-Centered Integrated Instruction and Learning
PLI Impact Report: Diversifying the Principal Workforce
PLI Annual Update 2016
The Case of Assessment Center: How the purpose, logic and experience of an embedded performance assessment of school leaders is built around an epistemology of practice
Leadership Connection Rubric (2015)
PLI Annual Update 2015
PLI Impact Brief 2015
How Do You Evaluate Leadership? Principal Leadership magazine, April 2015
A Model of Leadership Induction for California: A candidate’s perspective of the Leadership Support Program - April 2015
PLI Brochure (four panel double parallel fold)
PLI Annual Update 2014
PLI Impact Report: Experiments with Student Outcomes - September 2014
Evaluating Berkeley's Principal Leadership Institute: Experiments With Student Outcomes (Complete Study) - September 2014
PLI Impact Report: Collective and Team Leadership - June 2014
Collective and Team Leadership: Preparation for Urban Schools (Complete Study) - May 2014
PLI Impact Report: Alumni and District Partner Feedback - December 2013
PLI Annual Update 2013
PLI Impact Report: Breadth of Regional Impact and Strength of Model - October 2012
A Tripartite Framework for Leadership Evaluation - Tredway L, Stephens D, Hedgspeth C, Jimes C, Rubio R - 2012
“That’s So PLI”: Modeling Collaboration, Accountability, and Inclusion in UC’s Principal Leadership Institutes