Cornerstone Program: Building a Stronger Foundation of Teacher Leadership

Testimonials from Cornerstone Participants

“[The class sessions] really made me reflect on who I am and how that affects how I lead. I had the opportunity to begin to see the bridge between the two, an exercise that I hadn’t done before.”

“Now, when I am asked to lead in any capacity, I am constantly thinking of my leadership qualities that are my strengths and the ones that I need to strengthen.”

“I finally have time and resources for reflection.”

The Cornerstone Program is a year-long course focused on leadership development designed specifically for in- and out-of-classroom teacher leaders interested in improving their ability to engage colleagues and key stakeholders. 

The course builds on your experience as a teacher leader working in service of vulnerable and historically-underserved student populations. You will::

  • Deepen your understanding of the various dimensions of equity-centered instructional leadership
  • Increase coaching capacity through classroom- and field-based practice in and feedback on cognitive coaching
  • Develop an operational definition of math excellence and the capacity to match practices to desired outcomes
  • Strengthen your professional network to support continuous growth and promote professional resilience

What distinguishes our program from other programs?

  • Focus on leadership and equity and their intersection with content, rather than content as the center
  • Growth model: expect to see participant growth over time through inputs, support, practice, and supportive networks
  • Embraces a model of education leadership that includes classroom teacher leaders, out of classroom teacher leaders, and formal school leaders
  • Includes opportunities to expand learning about innovative instructional models

Core Course Modules

  1. Identity and leadership
  2. Equity in Mathematics
  3. Instructional coaching
  4. Supporting effective classroom assessment
  5. Developing a systemic lens to support change

Admission Prerequisites

  • Must hold a clear teaching credential.
  • Must hold a position of leadership within the educational agency. Leadership positions include: grade level lead/department chair, ILT member, club advisor, specialist, etc.

Course Details

How to Enroll

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