Programs for Visiting School Leaders

Why Berkeley’s Programs for Visiting School Leaders?

The Principal Leadership Institute (PLI) at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education offers a variety of multi-day Programs for Visiting School Leaders (PVSL). These programs benefit from the expertise of both academia and the education industry's most forward-thinking minds. Participants learn about innovative school leadership practices through a variety of intensive programs, each tailored to meet the participants' professional development goals. In addition, by incorporating visits with PLI alumni, staff and local school leaders, international participants are able to learn about PLI's core principles and practices and network with similarly-situated American colleagues.

Our Mission

The mission of PLI's Programs for Visiting School Leaders (PVSL) is to provide quality short-term opportunities for school leaders who work outside the US to learn about leadership in US schools. A secondary mission of PSL is to provide opportunities for PLI alumni to learn about international school leadership from their colleagues around the world.

Program Offerings

Learning Exchanges

The purpose of a Learning Exchange is to create an opportunity for joint learning and dialogue about school leadership between PLI alumni and visiting international school leaders. Highlights include visiting a US school and meeting US school leaders.

Leadership and Innovative Learning Institute

The purpose of the Leadership and Innovative Learning Institute is to learn about innovative teaching practices in the US and how leaders can support and nurture innovation in their own educational setting. Highlights may include presentations from the Bay Area Writing Project, the Lawrence Hall of Science, the Academic Talent Development Program as well as visits to a science museum.

Educational Leadership Preparation Seminar

The purpose of the Educational Leadership Preparation Seminar is to learn how the Principal Leadership Institute (PLI) trains aspiring school leaders. Highlights include visiting class and meeting current faculty and students.

Survey of School Leadership in the US Seminar

The purpose of the Survey of School Leadership in the US Seminar is to provide an overview of the current issues in school leadership in the United States. Highlights include presentations from faculty members of the Principal Leadership Institute, Graduate School of Education at large, as well as alumni of the PLI who are practicing school leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a school leader?

We define school leaders as aspiring and practicing school administrators as well as teachers who provide leadership within their educational setting.

Does your program make travel arrangements?

No, we do not help groups make travel arrangements. Please visit the UC Berkeley Visitor Services and the Berkeley Convention and Visitors Bureau websites for information on where to stay, transportation options, and top tourist sites.

Do you provide translation services?

We can arrange for translation for an additional fee.

How do I enroll in a program?

Please complete the PVSL Inquiry Form or contact PVSL Coordinator  Cheryl Domenichelli at

What is included in the fees?

Generally the program fee covers sessions, instructional materials and refreshments. In some cases, lunch is provided. Program details can be customized to fit your group's needs.


For more information, contact PVSL Coordinator Cheryl Domenichelli at