How to Apply to School Psychology

Visit the Graduate School of Education Admissions page for current applications and deadlines.

Admission to the School Psychology Program is based on a comprehensive review of academic, professional, and personal information presented in the application materials. Although comprehensive review places a greater emphasis on academic preparedness, other information plays a major role in an admissions decision. Thus, in addition to looking at a students’ grade point average from their undergraduate degree (and if applicable, master’s degree) and their scores on the Graduate Review Examination (GRE), the Admissions Committee also looks at involvement in research experiences, experiences in schools or other educational settings, leadership experiences, letters of recommendation, socioeconomic status, and first generation status in college, with the goal of enrolling a diverse class of students. 

Applicants are encouraged to learn about the faculty within the Graduate School of Education and their respective research interests in order to determine which professors might be suitable to serve as a faculty advisor. The application asks students to indicate which faculty members they are interested in working with.  Note: faculty who are available to advise doctoral students can be found on the GSE's Faculty list with an asterisk next to their name. 

Students who did not complete a major or minor in psychology may also enhance the strength of their applications by showing that they have completed a post-baccalaureate program. The Graduate Division restricts programs from accepting students with undergraduate GPAs less than 3.0, unless there is strong evidence that this information does not reflect the student’s current academic preparation (e.g., completion of a Master’s degree in psychology). 

Applications are reviewed by the Program’s Admissions Committee, and the Admissions Committee invites a smaller number of applicants – typically 12 to 16 – to participate in interviews with School Psychology students and faculty on the Berkeley campus. Students who are unable to visit the campus for an interview can be interviewed by Skype. No students are admitted without an interview. Admissions offers are made on the basis of the materials in the application and the interview. The Graduate School of Education allots a specific number of admissions slots to the Program, typically six to 10, and this allotment represent the most offers that the Program can be made. School Psychology cohorts typically range from four to six students.