BE3 Berkeley Educators for Equity and Excellence

BE3 Identity Statement

Who We Are and Who We Strive to Be

BE3 prepares teachers who are committed to co-creating powerful and enriching classrooms that embody the values, relationships, and experiences of a more just world. Such spaces of learning are only possible when teachers build on the strengths and assets of students. These spaces emerge from a commitment, grounded in humility and hope, to construct classrooms, pedagogies, and practices in solidarity with families and communities who have been marginalized. In doing so, we strive to fulfill ongoing struggles for education that are genuinely for the public good and that resist prioritizing market-driven agendas over people. Our work as teachers requires a profound recognition that schooling and education have been avenues for liberation, transformation, and justice as well as oppression, colonization, and dehumanization—an awareness that demands that each moment of teaching is intentionally approached as political, ethical, and moral....

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UPCOMING EVENT ON APRIL 26, 2019: "What does it mean for Public Education to be PUBLIC?" Community Event sponsored by BE3


"What does it mean for public education to be public? Why is it important and how do we ensure it?"

Join us for a community event and panel on Friday, April 26, 2019 from 5:00 - 7:00pm at 2121 Berkeley Way, Room 1102.

Panelists include Jeremiah Jeffries (San Francisco USD), Ken Zeichner (University of Washington), Chela Delgado (Oakland USD), Janelle Scott (UC Berkeley), Cathy Campbell (Berkeley Federation of Teachers), and Tina Trujillo (UC Berkeley).

For more information, please contact Professor Thomas M. Philip at

Interested in Applying to BE3?


BE3 invites you to an Information Session for prospective applicants for UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education's Teacher MA + credential program. Come learn how you can apply to join BE3's 2020-2021 cohort!  (Applications to enter BE3 in 2020-2021 are due December 2019).

BE3 Information Sessions for Spring 2019

ONLINE INFO SESSION (via Zoom): Monday, April 29, 2019 5:30 - 6:30pm Pacific Time

ONLINE INFO SESSION (via Zoom): Saturday, May 4, 2019, 10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific Time

To sign up to attend, please RSVP at this Survey Form.

BE3 Program Assistant

Susie Hill
Program Assistant

Faculty Director

Professor Thomas Phillip
Faculty Director

Elementary Pathway

Elisa Salasin
Elementary Pathway Director (Multiple Subject Credential + MA in education)

Fieldwork Supervision Director

Nives Wetzel de Cediel
Field Supervision Director

Math + Science Pathway

Jake Disston
Math and Science Pathways Director (Secondary Math Credential + MA in education; and Science Credential + MA in education)


English Pathway

Paul Lai
English Pathway Director (Secondary English Credential + MA in education)