BE3 Berkeley Educators for Equity and Excellence

BE3 Identity Statement

Who We Are and Who We Strive to Be

BE3 prepares teachers who are committed to co-creating powerful and enriching classrooms that embody the values, relationships, and experiences of a more just world. Such spaces of learning are only possible when teachers build on the strengths and assets of students. These spaces emerge from a commitment, grounded in humility and hope, to construct classrooms, pedagogies, and practices in solidarity with families and communities who have been marginalized. In doing so, we strive to fulfill ongoing struggles for education that are genuinely for the public good and that resist prioritizing market-driven agendas over people. Our work as teachers requires a profound recognition that schooling and education have been avenues for liberation, transformation, and justice as well as oppression, colonization, and dehumanization—an awareness that demands that each moment of teaching is intentionally approached as political, ethical, and moral....

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BE3 Credential Pathways

BE3 is a 15-month MA/credential program that offers the following pathways:

* Elementary Pathway (with MA and Multiple Subject Credential)

* Math+Science Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in Math or Science)

* English Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in English)

* History/Social Science Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in History/Social Studies)

Watch a BE3 Information Webinar and sign up for Q&A office hours!

Learn more about BE3 from our prerecorded Information Webinar that can be accessed here. 

After viewing the webinar, you can sign up to attend weekly Q&A office hours via Zoom to get further questions answered. Q&A sessions are offered on Wednesdays from 12-1 California time, and are not required but a great chance to discuss the program in depth. 

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Computer Science Authorization

Are you applying for a secondary credential (in English, Social Science, Math, or Science) and interested in a Computer Science (CS) Supplementary Authorization?

* No prior CS experience necessary!
* Fellowship Support Available
* Commit to teaching CS in the East Bay if opportunities permit
* Commit to taking 4 additional classes in summer 2021 and summer 2022

Secondary Math/Science credential candidates are also eligible to participate in the Trellis Teacher Scholars program. Find out more information here!

Oakland Teacher Residency for Secondary Math and Science

The Oakland Teacher Residency cultivates and grows local and diverse STEM teachers. Teacher Residents receive a $15,000 stipend to earn their credential while student teaching, plus 4 years of affordable housing support. In return Teacher Residents make a 4 year commitment to teach in Oakland. Visit to learn more about becoming an Oakland Teacher Resident, and view an informational video here.

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BE3 Program Assistant

Susie Hill
Program Assistant

Professor Thomas Phillip
Faculty Director

Elisa Salasin
Leadership Team

Nives Wetzel de Cediel
Leadership Team and Multiple Subjects Pathway Lead

Jake Disston
Leadership Team & Math/Science Pathway Lead


Sarah Altschul
Leadership Team & Pathway Lead for English and History

Kyle Beckham
Leadership Team