Completing the Education Minor

All Education Minor students must submit two online completion forms for the minor (after submitting the application form):

  • the Verification of Completion form
  • the Exit Survey

In addition, students with specific majors and/or other minors will have to download and submit an overlap form electronically - see below.

Information on all three completion items is listed below.

The Minor will NOT be listed on your diploma. Students who complete the requirements for the Education Minor will receive an official completion letter via email. In addition, the Registrar's Office will post to your transcript "Minor in Education" as one of your areas of study.


(Complete this form only AFTER submitting your application to the Minor)

This form, which is completed on line using your CalNet ID, lists the courses and fieldwork you have completed for the Minor, with the grades received, and is your official record of Minor completion. You do not need to submit a transcript. When you are ready to complete this form, you should have access to your transcript to make sure you give accurate information about which courses you took, when you took them and the grades. The Minor Advisor will have access to and will check the information you have entered after submission.

If you are completing your Minor requirements in the same semester in which you are graduating, please submit the Verification form before the end of your last semester. You can leave blank the grade(s) for the course(s) you have not yet completed. They will be entered by the Minor Advisor.

Important items to note while completing this form:

  • Overlapping course: If you will be overlapping one course between the Education Minor and your major or other minor, please make sure you select the button in front of the course you will be overlapping. If you are not overlapping any course, you don’t need to select anything.
  • Fieldwork: Fieldwork through Educ 197 should include the section number (refer to the Education Minor Approved Field Studies list) and either the title of your fieldwork program or location.

    Fieldwork through Educ W144, only needs the course # and name listed.  Your specific site is not necessary.

    Fieldwork through Educ 190AC, 140AC, or W140A, should state 1 unit under the appropriate course number.  These courses will be listed twice on your completion form.

    All other fieldwork courses should be listed, including petitioned fieldwork.

  • Submit button: This form does not save anything you have entered until you click the “submit” button. If you forget to click “submit”, nothing you have entered will be saved or sent to the Advisor. Please make sure your information is accurate before you click the “submit” button, as you cannot change anything you have entered once you have selected that button. If you have made a mistake or wish to change something after submitting the form, please notify the Advisor.
  • Change of contact information: If the address, phone number or other information listed under your name is incorrect, please notify the Minor Advisor.

When you are ready, please proceed to the online Verification of Completion form after authenticating yourself with your CalNet ID.

Verification of Completion Form


(Complete this form only AFTER submitting your application to the Minor)

Education Minor students must also submit an Education Minor Exit Survey. This survey gives the Education Minor Committee valuable feedback on various aspects of the Minor, enabling an attractive program to continue to be offered to our students. Candid responses are greatly appreciated. Responses will be compiled each semester for review.

Complete the survey online using your CalNet ID.


** The online exit survey site is temporarily down. We appreciate your patience while we fix it. Apologies for the inconvenience. **

The Minor Advisor is automatically notified once you have completed the survey. Questions about the survey should be directed to the Minor Advisor.


Students completing the Education Minor must complete at least four courses for the Minor, either lower or upper division, that are not also being used for their major or other minor.

Students with majors and/or minors in the areas listed below must submit an Education Minor Overlap form to assure there is not more than 1 course overlapping between the Education Minor and any other programs.

  • African American Studies
  • American Studies
  • Applied Language Studies Minor
  • Asian American Studies
  • Cal Teach Minor
  • Chicano Studies
  • Cognitive Science
  • Conservation and Resource Studies
  • Data Science
  • Development Studies
  • Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Geography
  • German
  • Global Poverty & Practice Minor
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Media Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Political Economy
  • Psychology
  • Social Welfare
  • Society and Environment
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies

Instructions are included with the form. Please note that you will need to obtain the signature(s) of your adviser(s) for your major(s) or other minor on the Overlap form.

Students who have a major or minor in content areas other than ones listed above, do not need to submit an overlap form, unless requested by the Education Minor Advisor.


Education Minor Overlap form