Review Process

A faculty admissions committee will review all completed application files for their relevant area of study. In accordance with students' active participation in School of Education governance, duly appointed students may also participate in reviewing applicant files. In addition to grades and test scores, we will assess your application by noting achievements in graduate study, employment, and extracurricular and other voluntary activities that you describe in your statement of purpose.

Some degree and credential programs require interviews of top-ranked applicants. We will notify all applicants who need to fulfill this requirement. Telephone interviews may be conducted by arrangement with program staff.

Notification of Decision

The Graduate School of Education sends recommendations for admission to the Graduate Division between February and April for final approval. Notice from the Graduate Division constitutes official approval of admission. No other communication or correspondence with the Graduate School of Education or with an individual faculty member constitutes approval of admission.

NOTE: All application materials become property of the University of California and cannot be returned or released to any other party.

Application Deadlines

Apply Online

Visit the Graduate Division Application

  • December 1st, 2021, 8:59pm (PST): MA/PhD; PhD/Cred (School Psych); Jt. PhD; Science & Mathematics Education (SESAME); LEAD (EdD)
  • December 15th, 2021, 8:59pm (PST): MA/Admin Cred (PLI); MA/Teacher Cred (BE3)  

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