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Andrea Negrete

Andrea Negrete ’13 can’t wait until the last day of school. It’s not because this high school math teacher is looking forward to summer; quite the contrary. 

“I find the most rewarding experience to happen at the end of the school year when I see and experience the transformative growth students have made through the progression of the year. It is both satisfying and incredible to feel the power that being a teacher has on student lives,” said Negrete. 

After earning her bachelor’s degree in mathematics, she pursued her teaching credential through Cal Teach and conducted research with GSE Professor Dor Abrahamson’s Embodied Design Research Laboratory. 

“The research team pushed me to design activities that were student-centered, and the team worked hard to emphasize that students need to come their own understanding and lead their learning in order to be true problem solvers in mathematics,” she said. “I was often reminded that my role as a teacher was to facilitate the learning and discussion for students to reach specific goals.”

Through Cal Teach, Negrete was able to visualize the larger picture about teaching and learning, while also fine tuning lessons and experimenting with teaching strategies. 

“I was required to think deeply about student learning and how they access and conceptualize important concepts such as slope of linear equations, proportional reasoning and transformations,” she said. 

The preparation at Berkeley has certainly paid off. After just two years at Oakland International High School, Negrete will take on administrative responsibilities as the 9th/10th grade cross-disciplinary team leader.