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3 Steps to Apply for BE3

Applicants for the 2021-2022 Cohort of BE3 can apply for one of four Pathways:

  • Elementary Pathway (with MA and Multiple Subject Credential)
  • Math+Science Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in Math or Science subject)
  • English Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in English)
  • Social Science Pathway (with MA and Single Subject Credential in Social Science)

To apply to BE3, you must:

(1) Complete an Application for the Graduate School of Education (GSE)

For directions on completing the GSE application, visit the GSE Admissions page.

NOTE: When Applying to the UC Berkeley Graduate Division, select: Admit term: Summer, Select Program: "Education-Teaching Credential/MA"

(2) Meet BE3 Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST)

Applicants are asked to submit passing score reports for the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test).

Applicants applying to the multiple subject credential option may take the CSET Writing Examination Multiple Subject

  • Please upload a PDF scan of your official score report into the online application.

Submissions to be uploaded along with your GSE application.

(3) Meet BE3 Subject Matter Requirement (CSET Exams or Subject Matter Preparation Program)

Subject Matter Requirement

You may fulfill the Subject Matter Requirement in one of two ways:

(i) by passing the CSET Exam;


(ii) successfully completing a Subject Matter Preparation Program.

i. CSET Exam (California Subject Examinations for Teachers):

CSET is required of all applicants to programs leading to a multiple or single subject teaching credential. Please upload a PDF scan of your official score report into the online application.

You are required to take ALL CSET subtests of the corresponding credential Subject.

Credential Area

CSET Subtests Required


  • Subtest I (test code 105)

  • Subtest II (test code 106)

  • Subtest III (test code 107)

  • Subtest IV (test code 108)

Social Studies

  • Subtest I (test code 114)

  • Subtest II (test code 115)

  • Subtest III (test code 116)

Science (Taken 8/6/17 and before)

  • Subtest I (test code 118)

  • Subtest II (test code 119)

  • Subtest III (test codes 120-123)

    • Biology/Life Science (test code 120)

    • Chemistry (test code 121)

    • Earth and Planetary Science (test code 122)

    • Physics (test code 123)

Science (Taken 8/7/17 and after)

  • Subtest I (test code 215)

  • Subtest II (test codes 217-220)

    • Life Sciences (test code 217)

    • Chemistry (test code 218)

    • Earth and Space Sciences (test code 219)

    • Physics (test code 220)


  • Subtest I (test code 211)

  • Subtest II (test code 212)

  • Subtest III (test code 213)

Multiple Subject

  • Subtest I (test code 101)

  • Subtest II (test code 102) (last test administration 8/6/2017—last registration date 8/3/2017) OR

  • Subtest II (test code 214(first test administration 8/7/2017—registration is now open)

  • Subtest III (test code 103)

We strongly recommend that the CSET be taken by the application deadline. 

In order to be considered for admission you must:

Pass 2 subtests (1 for science taken after* 8/6/17) by March 15th, 2021. If recommended for admission, remaining CSETs should be passed by June 1. Passage of ALL subtests is required by Aug 15th in order to continue in the program.

Visit: for test dates and registration information.


ii. Subject Matter Preparation Program:

Complete an approved Subject Matter Preparation Program. Upload a certified letter from your credential analyst confirming your enrollment and completion of your program. If you are currently in a Subject Matter Preparation Program you should submit a letter indicating you have completed 80% of your program and submit final letter upon completion.

Contact Information


2121 Berkeley Way #4322


(510) 642-4201

BE3 Program Assistant

Susie Hill
Program Assistant