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Support the Annual Fund for the Graduate School of Education

Scholarship, leadership, and passion.

Our faculty and students are extraordinary scholars and leaders — passionate about transforming the conditions of education for all learners. Your generous support enhances our ability to recruit and educate the very best teachers and school leaders, prepare the next generation of education scholars, and pursue innovative research that has real impact in children’s lives.

Because the university receives only about 10 percent of its operating budget from the state, your gifts to the Annual Fund for the Graduate School of Education provide vital resources for …

  • Transformative teaching in urban classrooms and communities. Our teacher training programs are among the strongest in the nation. We are one of just four graduate programs in California named to the honor roll of the 2013 Teacher Prep Review.

  • Equitable and improved outcomes for all students. Our graduates are widely recognized for exceptional work in high-need schools. Our students and graduates launched an intensive summer program at an East Oakland elementary school where the partnering principal lauded our “amazingly smart and passionate people” and training that prioritizes arts and language development.

  • Rigorous research that informs practice. Our faculty and graduate students are pursuing research that demystifies learning mathematics. One of Professor Dor Abrahamson’s research tools is his Mathematical Imagery Trainer, a student-designed app for touch-screen devices that teaches proportion with colors, not numbers. He is helping kids connect “what their brain already knows to do and the math that they are being taught, so that they can go out into the world and identify those phenomenon, see those patterns, use math in their lives to solve the problems that they care about.”

Berkeley is one of the preeminent teaching and research universities in the world and your commitment and generosity to the GSE have far-reaching impact — not only on lifting the voices of our students, but also on the thousands of schools, communities, and young people that they will serve.

With your help, we can raise the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and voices.