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CSSE Application Process

We seek to shape a diverse cohort in terms of demographics, academic and professional experiences, and career ambitions. There is no typical CSSE student. Cohorts are composed of a wide range of students, often including a mix of professional and Olympic athletes, coaches and trainers at the prep school or intercollegiate level, directors and grant writers for community-based sports programs, public school teachers and administrators, academic advisors and tutors, athletic administrators, policy makers and researchers, and the occasional undergraduate philosophy major or aspiring lawyer.

Perhaps the single most important part of the application is the personal statement, which needs to implicitly address three questions: Why you? Why here? Why now?

Applicants should be explicit about how your unique experiences have prepared you for the rigors of graduate school. Explain what you hope to do with an M.A. in Education, and more importantly, share how you can contribute to the quality and content of the CSSE concentration.

Additionally, it is important to delineate the factors that make the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education concentration a match with your interests and ambitions. In your essay, you may want to note the faculty members with whom you desire to collaborate and how your research interests fit within the scope of the concentration.

Finally, communicate why you have decided to pursue a graduate degree at this stage of your academic or professional career. The most thoughtful, interesting, and compelling essays are authored by applicants who provide a cohesive narrative or theme linking their response to these three questions.

Applications are available in early September; the deadline to apply can be found on the main application page here.

To learn more about the application process, submit your application, or to check your application status, visit the GSE's Admissions section. Information about financial aid, including opportunities for fellowships, funding, and student loans, can also be found in the GSE's Admissions section.

A complete application for admission includes:

  • Graduate Application for Admissions and Fellowships
  • Graduate School of Education Application
  • Application fee
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • Personal history statement
  • Writing sample
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Two sets of official transcripts
  • Resume/CV

Programs in the Graduate School of Education accept students to begin their course of study in the fall semester only. Procedural questions regarding admissions should be directed to the Education Admissions Office at or (510) 642-0841.