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CSSE Courses & Curriculum

Twenty-four units are required to graduate from the LLSC Area of Study with a Cultural Studies of Sport in Education concentration. Most students complete the MA degree in 15-24 months. Graduates are encouraged to formalize their completion of the degree at the GSE commencement every spring. 

In the fall semester, students enroll in at least two CSSE-specific core courses. EDUC 257 is the foundational course for the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education concentration. Topics in this course include theories of sport in society, the institutional relationship between sport and education, athletic and academic identities, self-regulated learning and studying, academic discourse, achievement motivation, coaches as teachers, the language of sports, and the role of race, class, and gender on achievement in the domains of school and sport. A special focus of the readings and discussions are on the educational challenges confronted by student athletes. Sociological, psychological, and educational theory are employed to study these issues.

In the spring semester, students enroll in a program-specific core course, fulfill their internship requirement if not yet completed, and have the opportunity to take more elective courses. The year-long thesis seminary (EDUC 294B) teaches students to design a research project and write a cogent and critical research paper about a particular area of interest related to the program's course of study.

A typical class schedule:

Fall semester (Year One)

  • EDUC 257, Foundations: Cultural studies of sport in education (3 units) (CSSSE core requirement)
  • EDUC 294B, Thesis seminar: Qualitative methodologies (3 units) (CSSE core requirement)
  • GSE core requirement (3 units)
  • Internship or elective (3 units)

Spring semester

  • EDUC 294B, Thesis seminar: Quantitative methodologies (3 units) (CSSE core requirement)
  • Internship or elective (3 units)
  • Elective (3-4 units)
  • Elective (3-4 units)

Most students pursuing the CSSE concentration take Urban Education as their GSE core requirement, but there are a wide range of courses that fulfill this requirement, including: Psychosocial Development; Instruction & Development; Literacies: Old & New; The Progressive Tradition in American Education; Urban School Reform; and Historical Perspectives on American Education. For electives, students can choose from any graduate-level course within the UC Berkeley catalogue, so long as it is approved by their advisor and is aligned with their research interests. Students often take classes offered by the graduate schools of psychology, sociology, African Diaspora Studies, gender and women's studies or social welfare, and enroll in education-specific courses in Haas School of Business, the Goldman School of Public Policy and Boalt School of Law.