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CSSE Research Projects

Graduate students in the CSSE MA program complete a Master's project. This provides students with the opportunities to hone their academic writing skills, to create a lasting body of work that they can point to after completing the program, and to investigate a particular series of research questions that they find most interesting. Students will learn the skills necessary to write a cogent and critical thesis throughout EDUC 294, the year-long thesis seminar.

Students have produced a broad and fascinating collection of research projects throughout the tenure of the CSSE concentration, as demonstrated by this small sampling of thesis titles:

  • Comparing self-theories of implicit ability and achievement-motivation between the academic and athletic domains of middle school students
  • Socialization, sponsorship, and physicality: Women's ice hockey as a challenge to male hegemony in sport
  • Barriers to academic success for junior college transfer student athletes
  • Athletics and academics: Can they co-exist? The dilemma of African American high school student athletes
  • Possibilities for critical and multicultural pedagogy in an "elite" English classroom
  • Physical aggression in female athletes: A qualitative study of community college water polo players
  • The true effect of Title IX at UC Berkeley
  • The female sports fan: A qualitative study