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Leadership at its Best

Educators are often faced with the challenge of how to reconcile the dreams of what could be with the realities of today’s classrooms. Or as mathematician Seymour Papert puts it, “What can I do Monday that will prepare for one day?”

At Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education we prepare passionate educators who endeavor to tackle this enduring question and develop them into professionals who can lead their school community.

Principal Leadership Institute (PLI)

A 14-month program that prepares educators for leadership in a K-12 setting. Participants examine real-world challenges and use research to inform practice, enabling school leaders to identify assets in their communities in order to make high-quality learning accessible to all students. Earn a master’s degree and a recommendation toward an Administrative Services Credential (ASC) – Preliminary (Tier I). The ASC allows for service as a superintendent; associate superintendent; deputy superintendent; principal; assistant principal; dean; supervisor; consultant; coordinator; or an equivalent or intermediate-level administrator.

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Leadership Support Program (LSP)

The Leadership Support Program (LSP) is a Commission-Approved Professional Preparation Program for the Administrative Services Credential - Clear (Tier II) and Induction program designed to build on the work that candidates complete in the Principal Leadership Institute (PLI). Through the LSP components, novice administrators expand and deepen their expertise in the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for successful leadership in urban schools.

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Leadership for Educational Equity Program (LEEP)

Prepares education professionals for leadership roles in school districts and other organizations committed to the success of students in urban environments. Designed for individuals who are champions for the educational needs of disadvantaged students and are excited to participate in an intellectually rigorous program. LEEP can be completed in 3-4 years. Earn a doctorate in Education (EdD).

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