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Jacob Disston

Program Director
Berkeley Educators for Equity and Excellence (BE3)
M.A., UC Berkeley, Mathematics education
B.A., Reed College, Mathematics

Jake graduated from MACSME in 1997, and has been teaching math and learning about teaching math ever since. He worked at Willard Middle School in Berkeley for 14 years, then moved with his family moved to Budapest Hungary where both he and his wife taught at the American International School of Budapest for 3 years, before returning to Berkeley to teach at King Middle School for one year. As of summer 2014 he has rejoined the MACSME program as the Program Director. Throughout his career, Jake has been interested in exploring issues that impact student engagement with and sense making of meaningful mathematics inside the classroom. Starting at MACSME and continuing throughout his teaching career he has recognized the importance of collaboration with colleagues, and has worked hard to establish and maintain true professional learning communities at all the schools he has worked. He is especially interested in Lesson Study as a model for ongoing professional development and learning, and was lucky to be a member of the Willard Lesson Study group for 10 years. Jake loves teaching and learning, and is extremely excited to be able to continue both with the students and faculty at the GSE.


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Tolman 4651
(510) 642-0748
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