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W. Norton Grubb

David Pierpont Gardner Professor In Higher Education Emeritus
Professor Emeritus, Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evaluation (POME)
Faculty Coordinator, Principal Leadership Institute
Ph.D. in Economics, 1975 Harvard University
Special Fields: public finance; labor economics and the economics of education. Dissertation: “Intergovernmental Aid and Resource Disparities: School Finance in Massachusetts." Advisors: Martin Feldstein and Gregory Ingram. NDEA Title IV Fellow, 1970-73
B.A. in Economics, 1969 Magna Cum Laude, Harvard College
Honors thesis Summa Cum Laude Harvard College Scholarship

Sadly, Professor Grubb passed away on January 15, 2015. If you would like information related to his work, please contact

W. Norton Grubb is the David Pierpont Gardner Professor in Higher Education, Emeritus.  He is also the faculty coordinator of the Principal Leadership Institute (PLI), a program to prepare principals for urban schools in the Bay Area (
Prof. Grubb's research spans the role of schooling in labor markets, reforms in high schools and community colleges, the effects of institutional practices on teaching quality, the interactions among education and training programs, community colleges, the flow of students into and through postsecondary education, and social policy toward children and youth. In addition to his research, he provides workshops for secondary and community college instructors and administrators, presenting different approaches to reform. He has also participated in a number of policy-oriented efforts, including the California Master Plan Commission, a National Research Council Committee on high school motivation, and a panel of experts for the case of Williams v. California. His recent books include: Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges:  Inside and Outside of Classrooms.  (2012); Leadership Challenges in High Schools: Multiple Pathways to Success. (2010); Leading From the Inside Out: Expanded Roles For Teachers in Collaborative Schools. (with Lynda Tredway 2010 - Vol. 4 of Brad Olsen, ed., The Teacher’s Toolkit); The Money Myth: School Resources, Outcomes, and Equity.  (2009); The Education Gospel: The Economic Power of Schooling (with Marvin Lazerson, 2007).  Other recent books include Honored But Invisible: An Inside Look at Teaching in Community Colleges (1999); Learning to Work: The Case for Reintegrating Education and Job Training (1996); and Working in the Middle: Strengthening Education and the Training for the Mid-Skilled Labor Force (1996). He edited Education Through Occupations in American High Schools (1995), a two-volume work on the integration of academic and vocational education. He is also the author of Broken Promises: How Americans Fail Their Children (with Marvin Lazerson, 1988), a theoretical and historical analysis of the public treatment of children and youth.  Prof. Grubb received the 2012 Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence (CAAIE), U.C. Berkeley.  He lives in Berkeley with his wife Rikki Grubb, a retired attorney. 

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