Signature Pedagogy: Design Development Studies

The signature pedagogy of LEEP is writing of a dissertation that utilizes a Design Development Study (DDS). LEEP students engage in an iterative process. They define and bound a problem, assess local needs, and access the research literature and their experience to expand on pre-conceived notions of the problem. They then imagine and design a remedy, assess available resources, implement the remedy, and evaluate its impact and effects. Here is what design development asks people to do:

  • What behaviors or practices, exactly, need changing in the short or medium term?
  • Where will we be 6 months from now in changing these practices?
  • How do we know we got there?
  • Before we choose a solution path, what makes us think that it will change people the way we envision?
  • How do our proximal changes fit in with our big goal of improving student learning?

Below is a sample of Design Development Dissertations. Click on a title to download the complete dissertation.