Payroll and Personnel Forms

Important Updates:


Beginning with the November 2014 pay period, exempt employees (those staff that is not eligible for overtime), begin reporting their leave usage in CalTime.

See CalTime website for more information:

Non-exempt employees, those eligible to earn overtime or comp time, will be moving to a bi-weekly pay schedule on August 31, 2014, and will begin reporting their hours in CalTime at that time. For more information about the bi-weekly transition, please see CalTime FAQs:

Until these transitions are completed, timesheets for variable employees are due in the business office by the middle of the month, usually, the 15th, to ensure timely payments. Please refer to the following worksheet for a list of due dates through December of the current year. For fixed employees that accrue vacation and sick leave, timesheets are due in the Business Office by the 7th of the following month, or prior business day, for the pay period for which they are reporting.

NOTE: GSR and other academic variable employees (non-leave accruing), are out of scope for CalTime and should continue to submit time sheets to the Business Service office, by our internal deadlines.

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Graduate Student Appointment Information

Important Updates:

The Student Academic Appointment Application form and CV are required for Fall 2020 graduate student appointments. Please go to the link: to upload and submit the form and CV.

The Submission Due Dates:

Fall GSIs, GSRs, Readers and Tutors: May 8, 2020

Fall 2020 Appointment dates:

GSIs: 8/1/2020 - 12/31/2020

GSRs, Readers, and Tutors: 8/19/2020 - 12/18/2020

Additional Resources:

Appointment Handbook:

GSR salary rates:

GSI, Reader and Tutor rates:

Related Forms:

External Link:

For more information about Graduate Student Appointments, including fee remission eligibility, please see Graduate Division's website:

Information for New and Rehired Employees

See Hire/Rehire required form checklist for required forms

All new or rehired employees must review University's Conflict of Interest and Substance Abuse Policies and acknowledge their understanding of Workers' Compensation Benefits.

See links below:

Required Hire/Rehire Forms:

  • Demographic Data Transmittal Form: U5605.pdf
  • Employment Eligibility Verification 1-9 Form: i-9_0.pdf


Non-Resident Tax Forms

These tax forms are required for non-resident alien employees. They must be completed every calendar year through the campus GLACIER online system. More information about GLACIER may be found at campus payroll website: GLACIER Tax Reporting Info.

Some employees may qualify for the benefits of a tax treaty depending on their country of residence/citizenship. For more information on Tax Treaties, please see UCOP website:

For non-resident payroll withholding, see form w4nr-de at :