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Room Reservations

If you wish to cancel or change a confirmed reservation, please "reply" to the email confirming your initial request and state your change.

Course Room Requests

Requirements To Be Determined; meanwhile, please contact Jeanette Luong.

Meeting/Event Room Requests

A follow-up phone call is required when requesting a room less than two business days prior to an event. You are responsible for ensuring that these requests have been received by one of the scheduling team staff.

Requests can not be made for events taking place more than 2 semesters in advance except by permission of one of the Dean's Office scheduling team.

Room 2515 is designated for meetings (not courses) and made available as much as possible for that purpose. However, if the technology is needed, the course or group is large enough to constitute using the room, and Room 3515 is not available, courses will be assigned in Room 2515.

Reserve a Room

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