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How to Apply

We receive applications from a large and extraordinarily talented group of individuals. The UC Berkeley Program is a Masters/Phd + Credential. You do not need a masters degree to apply and having one, does not shorten your course program as everyone starts off at year one. This program is not designed for students to stop prior to their PhD. Office Phone (510) 642-7581

Visit the Graduate School of Education Admissions page for current applications and deadlines.

Disclosure of Education/Training Outcomes for Prospective Doctoral Students

1. Time to Completion
2. Program Cost Per Year
3. Internship Placement
The culminating internship experience in the Berkeley School Psychology Program is accomplished in a two-year half-time sequence. The half-time community internship (typically undertaken during the third or fourth year) provides students with an opportunity to acquire an understanding of psychopathology in childhood and adolescence. During the school-based internship (minimum half-time), typically fulfilled during the fourth/fifth year of study, students continue to advance their scientific knowledge base and professional competencies and to integrate theoretical and empirical foundations for practice.
4. Attrition
5. Licensure

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Applicant Pool

We receive between 65 to 70 applications for admission annually. Approximately ten applicants are admitted each year, and six to eight typically enroll. All applications are read and none is excluded from consideration based on any one criterion. Initial ranking of applicants utilizes a combination of:

Grade point average (3.50 as a typical minimum)

Combined Verbal plus Quantitative GRE scores: 1100-1200+ old scoring or 300-320+ new scoring (typical minimums)

Match between educational and professional goals contained in the statement of purpose and Human Development and Graduate School of Education faculty

We are committed to the importance of ethnic, cultural and gender diversity among our students, and every minority applicant receives individual and careful attention.

Student Body Demographics

One-fourth of the current student body is male, one-third are minority students, and none is handicapped. Students range in age from 21 - 37.

Financial Aid

Financial aid forms and instructions are included in every application packet. The number of awards is limited and competition is keen. In assigning awards the Committee on Fellowships and Graduate Scholarships considers the extent and quality of previous academic work, GRE scores, the evidence of ability in research or other creative accomplishments, intellectual capacity, and the promise of productive scholarship. A limited number of scholarships covering the nonresident tuition fee are available each academic year to nonresident and international students. These scholarships are awarded by the School to students with distinguished academic records. Scholarships will be awarded until the School quota is filled. Enrolled students may be eligible for employment as research assistants, supervisors in credential programs, program evaluators, and other positions, according to qualifications and available openings. A very limited number of teaching and research positions are available.


Applicants should acquaint themselves with the various living arrangements well in advance of enrollment. Married student housing is available, and you should inquire if you can be wait-listed while awaiting enrollment. Visit the Student Housing Website. Craigslist and the Berkeley Parents Network are also good leads for housing.