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Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services (SAS) provides personal assistance to students in their pursuit of degrees or credentials.

Contact the SAS if you need assistance with:

  • Admissions
  • Course Information
  • Credential Application and Verification
  • Fellowship and Financial Aid Information
  • Milestone Reporting
  • Program Requirements

See the staff list below in order to contact the appropriate person for your needs.

Jennifer Elemrani Credential Analyst (510) 642-0836
Rosandrea GARCIA Academic Advisor (510) 642-0138
Liliana Hernandez Admissions/Fellowships Advisor (510) 642-0841
Jeanette LUONG Courses and Room & Scheduling Assistant (510) 642-9476
Aileen Rothenberg Education Minor Advisor (510) 643-9303
Ilka WILLIAMS Director of Student Services (510) 642-0820