Travis J. Bristol (he/him/his)

Travis J. Bristol is an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. Before joining Berkeley's faculty, he was a Peter Paul Assistant Professor at Boston University. Dr. Bristol's research is situated at the intersection of educational policy and teacher education.

Sarah W. Freedman

Sarah Warshauer Freedman studies the teaching and learning of written language, as well as ways English is taught in schools. Her research focuses on US schools but also includes cross-national comparisons. Besides studying written language, she is interested in societal divisions that lead to conflict and inequality. She has conducted research on teaching and learning about civics and has studied how adolescents on varied sides of societal divides develop as citizens and civic actors.


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BE3 Co-Director (ELA/History)

Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Sarah Altschul graduated from the GSE's MUSE program in 2003 and taught high school English, ELD and Journalism for over a decade in Hayward and San Lorenzo Unified School Districts. 

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