Wai Ho

Wai’s work as a teacher is rooted in her belief in the ingenuity of youth, and the rich linguistic and cultural assets they have to offer to their schools and communities. She views her role in the classroom as a facilitator and seeks to cultivate reciprocal teaching and learning partnerships with her students. She began her work in higher education with students learning English as an additional language and was drawn into K-12 public education by the exciting and critical conversations she had with youth around English language learning; how literacy practices are constructed; and how teachers can foster an equitable learning environment.

As an educator growing in culturally responsive pedagogy, Wai is interested in how teachers can cultivate peer dialogue in the English Language Arts classroom and create authentic stakes for students to drive forward inquiry in project-based learning.

Specializations and Interests

Equity and Education; Translanguaging; Project-Based Learning; Dialogue