Zeus Leonardo

Zeus Leonardo has published numerous articles and book chapters on critical social thought in education. He is the author of Ideology, Discourse, and School Reform (Praeger) and he is editor of Critical Pedagogy and Race (Blackwell), and co-editor (with Tejeda and Martinez) of Charting New Terrains of Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Education (Hampton). His articles have appeared in Educational Researcher; Race, Ethnicity, and Education; and Educational Philosophy and Theory. Some of his essays include: "Critical Social Theory and Transformative Knowledge," "The Souls of White Folk," and "The Color of Supremacy." His most recent books are Race, Whiteness, and Education (Routledge) and the Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education (SensePublishers).

Professor Leonardo's current research interests involve the study of ideologies and discourses in education with respect to change. Much of his work is interdisciplinary and draws insights from sociology, contemporary philosophy, and cultural studies. In particular, he engages critical theories to inform his analysis of the relationship between schooling and social relations, such as race, class, culture, and gender. His research is informed by the premise that educational knowledge should promote the democratization of schools and society. He is an Affiliated Faculty Member of the Critical Theory Designated Emphasis at UC Berkeley.



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Leonardo, Z. (Ed) (2005) Critical Pedagogy and Race, Malden, MA: Blackwell
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Articles (Refereed Journals, Proceeding)
Leonardo, Z. and Porter, R. (2010). Pedagogy of fear: Toward a Fanonian theory of "safety" in race dialogue. Race Ethnicity & Education, 13(2), 139-157.
Leonardo, Z. (2007). The war on schools: NCLB, nation creation, and the educational construction of whiteness. Race Ethnicity & Education, 10(3), 261-278.
Leonardo, Z. (2004). The color of supremacy: Beyond the discourse of "White privilege". Educational Philosophy and Theory, 36(2), 137-152.
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Leonardo, Z. (2002). The souls of white folk: Critical pedagogy, whiteness studies, and globalization discourse. Race Ethnicity & Education, 5(1), 29-50.

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