Zoe Silverman

Zoe Silverman is a doctoral student in the Learning Science and Human Development cluster. She is interested in object-based teaching and learning; sensory studies; material culture; museum historiography; embodied cognition; and decolonizing methodologies. Her current project addresses a lacuna in program evaluation and education research by placing the focus of inquiry on university student tour guides as learners and emerging informal arts educators.

Using ethnographic methods, the project seeks to surface the epistemic ideology of a student gallery educator program and illuminate students’ practical epistemologies related to inquiry-based pedagogy. Over the past 10 years, she has worked as an education specialist and program coordinator at a variety of arts and cultural institutions, including the Hammer Museum at UCLA; the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles; the MassArt Art Museum; and the Harvard Art Museums.

She received a BA in History from UC Berkeley with a minor in Latin; an AM in History from Harvard University; an MA in Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries from the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies; a Certificate in Social Emotional Arts from UCLArts & Healing; and a Certificate in Remote Instruction from the UC Berkeley Graduate Division.

At UC Berkeley, she is affiliated with Laura Sterponi's Blah Blah Lab and Dor Abrahamson's Embodied Design Research Laboratory. Through her research and museum education practice, she seeks to understand the porous boundaries between people and things.

Specializations and Interests

Object-Based Learning; Museum Education; Material Culture Studies; Discourse Analysis; Embodied Cognition


B.A., A.M., M.A.
Certificate in Social Emotional Arts
Certificate in Remote Instruction

Curriculum Vitae