Graduate School of Education

The University of California, Berkeley, is home to a diverse group of students and faculty joined by their common interests in understanding and improving the complex world of education.

Funding awarded to ‘fulfill the equity promise’ of California’s Universal TK

Leadership Programs in the UC Berkeley School of Education will bring a focus on equity to training and supporting educational leaders at the dawn of Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) program in California.

$2.2M Federal Grant for BAWP/SFUSD Partnership

Intensive teacher training institutes, and new communities of practice designed to strengthen writing skills of students classified as 'English learners'

Alumna Kelly Bowers BA '87 EdD '16

Veteran superintendent shares why she's passionate about public education, and the benefits of a Berkeley education.

Videos Worth Watching

Check out these videos of GSE faculty and our invited speakers who cover a wide range of educational topics from classroom assessment, to understanding a child’s sense of belonging in their peer world, and how public education can live up to its democratic ideals. And so much more!

21CSLA Regional Academy at the GSE

Professional learning opportunities for school system leaders to be available fall 2021 at no cost to participants.

Honors, Awards, Fellowships

Congratulations to these students, faculty, and staff members for their contributions and successes.