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Give to the Graduate School of Education

Education for the Real World

Education is a powerful tool for transformation. At Cal, what you do matters more than who you are. Students come here with the drive to excel and the ambition to give back and change the world for the better. And they leave Berkeley with a multicultural experience unlike any other. It's the kind of experience that sparks innovative thinking and encourages a global perspective. 

It's the kind of education that the world needs today.

Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) is an exciting place to study — home to a diverse group of students and faculty joined by their common interest in improving the complex world of education. Our students are deeply engaged in high-quality research and preparing themselves to help today's learners thrive in education, the world of work, and society.

Supporting Aspiring Educators

To attract the most committed, creative graduate students to Berkeley, fellowship support is critical. More than ever, the field of education requires teachers and leaders from diverse backgrounds who are culturally competent and well prepared to address the most difficult challenges in public education.

Since most aspiring educators cannot anticipate high salaries after graduation to repay student loans, the availability of financial support often determines where they will pursue graduate studies. The GSE's student body is one of the most diverse on campus, a quality we must preserve.

Your support for fellowships for aspiring educators will have far-reaching impact — not only on lifting the voices of our students, but also on the thousands of schools, communities, and young people that they will serve.

Advancing Scholarly Inquiry - Rigorous Research that Informs Practice

Berkeley is one of the preeminent teaching and research universities in the world, and the GSE is a vital hub where our students and faculty tackle big, difficult questions – from how children, youth and adults learn, inside and outside classrooms; to how schools, communities and societies advance the educational and life chances of those they educate. In the process, students develop the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and experiences to handle those challenges.

Because the university receives only about 10 percent of its operating budget from the state, your support provides vital resources that allow our faculty and student researchers to explore new tools and improve understanding and learning outcomes for all students.

Ensuring Faculty Excellence

The GSE can only continue its distinguished tradition of service and innovation by recruiting and supporting the most intelligent minds and best practitioners in the field. Our faculty are internationally renowned for their contributions to the field of education — from teaching math, science, and reading to a broad range of learners, to grappling with complex issues in school reform, public policy, and finance.

To meet the critical demand for a new generation of highly skilled educators, researchers, and policymakers, it is imperative that we continue to attract and retain outstanding faculty. Faculty support, including endowed chairs and distinguished professorships, provides research funding for scholars working on some of education's most intractable challenges.