Additional Programs

For the 2018-19 academic year, we also offer additional programs in which students can specialize in one of these specific areas:

Graduate Studies in Science and Mathematics Education
  • Informally known as SESAME, this interdisciplinary graduate program is for students who seek advanced expertise in a scientific discipline as well as in educational theory and research methodologies. The course of study leads to a doctoral degree in science, mathematics, or engineering education. Learn more.

Intersection of Sport and Education
  • We investigate the ways in which institutionalized sport both conflicts with and complements the educational missions of American secondary and post-secondary schools. Learn more.

Special Education (Joint Doctoral Program with SF State University)
  • This program prepares leaders in research, teaching, administration, and supervision for the variety of professional needs facing children, youth, and adults with disabilities. It integrates the resources of Berkeley and SFSU, allowing students to combine theoretical interests with applied practices in a broad spectrum of specializations within Special Education. Learn more.