How to Apply: Berkeley Educators for Equity and Excellence (BE3)

Applicants must submit all materials for BE3 by Wed., Dec. 15th, 2021 @ 8:59 p.m. (PST).

We invite you to learn more about Berkeley Educators for Equity and Excellence (BE3) and our application process. You can watch a recorded presentation about our program.

If you have further questions after viewing the presentation, please sign up to attend a Q&A session via Zoom.

To best prepare for gathering materials that you will need to submit during the application process, read the following instructions carefully.

Online Application

  • Application deadline: Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 @ 8:59 p.m. (PST).
  • The online application for admission can be found at the Graduate Division website.
    • Select Term: Summer; Degree objective: Education-Teaching Credential/MA.
    • All uploaded documents should be in PDF format only.

All materials are due by the application deadline.

All application materials become property of the University of California. Materials can neither be returned to you nor released to any other party.

Application Fee

  • When you apply for graduate admission, you will be required to submit the application fee using a major credit card.
  • If you are a U.S. citizen or current permanent resident, the application fee is $120; for all others, the fee is $140.
  • The application fee is non-refundable.
  • You may qualify for an application fee waiver. To check eligibility, visit the Graduate Division website


You are required to submit two essays: a Statement of Purpose, and a Personal History.

Statement of Purpose

Describe your preparation and desire for earning a California Teaching Credential and Master’s degree in the Berkeley Educators for Excellence program (BE3) at UC Berkeley. Explain why you want to be a teacher, making connections to the grade level and/or subject area that you plan to teach. Why is BE3 right for you? And why are you right for BE3?

Personal History 

Describe how your personal background and experiences inform your decision to pursue a teaching credential and Master’s degree. Consider the BE3 Identity Statement in your response. Please include relevant lived experiences that have led you to this point in your life.

  • How have issues of race, class, gender, sexual identity, citizenship, and/or language shaped who you are?
  • What barriers or challenges have you overcome to get to this point?
  • What barriers or challenges have you helped others overcome?

GPA Worksheet

You must calculate your Advanced GPA, which is defined as all coursework after the first two years of your bachelor's degree.

For applicants whose undergraduate trajectory was not a standard 4 years at one institution, simply use your last two years of your Undergraduate degree.

If you need a GPA calculator, we recommend this online resource.


  • Scan and upload PDF copies of all transcripts.
    • Unofficial transcripts should include all information an official transcript would:
      • Student information (i.e., first/last name)
      • Institution information
      • Degree conferral date(s) when applicable
      • All coursework information
  • Hard copies are not accepted.
  • Upload ​​transcripts from every post-secondary school you have attended, including community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs.
    • Upload PDF scans of your final transcripts from institutions where you did not receive a degree (e.g., community college) if you received credit that was later applied toward your degree, or if credit from that institution is listed on your bachelor's degree transcript.
  • Official transcripts will be required if you are accepted into our program; please do not send transcripts before official acceptance.

Letters of Recommendation

You are required to submit three (3) letters of recommendation.

  • At least one (1) academic letter; and two (2) letters from individuals providing information about your experience working with children.

You will add the recommenders’ information to the online application. Each recommender is then responsible for uploading their letter directly into the online portal.


The GRE is not required.

English Language Proficiency

  • All applicants who have completed a basic degree in a country/region in which the official language is not English are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency.
  • Use recipient code 4833 for UC Berkeley.
  • For current information regarding this requirement, visit the Graduate Division website.

Supplemental Requirements for Credential Applicants

All applicants are required to upload documentation of credential requirements into the online application. If you are fulfilling the requirement via exam and have not yet received score reports, you may also upload exam registration confirmation(s).

To fulfill the Basic Skills requirement, choose one of the following:

  • Pass the CBEST;
  • Pass the CSET: Multiple Subjects + Writing Skills Exam;
  • Pass the CSU Early Assessment Program or CSU Placement Exams;
  • Achieve qualifying scores on the SAT or ACT;
  • College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams;
  • Pass a basic skills exam from another state;
  • or Approved coursework.

For more information about options for fulfilling the Basic Skills Requirement, read this handout from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

To fulfill the Subject Matter Competency requirement, choose one of the following:

  • Pass the CSET;
  • Complete an approved Subject Matter Preparation Program (Upload a certified letter from your credential analyst confirming your enrollment and completion of your program.);
  • Completion of degree major in the credential area being sought; or
  • Completion of applicable coursework, in each of the domains of the credential subject area being sought.

For more information about the options for fulfilling the Subject Matter Competency Requirement visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Note: UC Berkeley does NOT offer Commission-approved Subject Matter preparation programs.

We strongly recommend that if you are fulfilling the Subject Matter requirement via the CSET, it should be taken as close to BE3's application deadline as possible. Applicants who provide evidence of Subject Matter Competency when applying to BE3 increase the strength of their application.

If you are unable to include passing CSET scores before the application deadline, you can still submit your application. In order to be considered for admission you must:

  • Pass 2 subtests (1 for science taken after 08/06/17) by March 15th, 2022.
  • If recommended for admission, remaining CSETs should be passed by June 1st. Passage of ALL subtests is required by Aug 15th in order to continue in the program.

Review Process

A faculty admissions committee will review all completed application files for their relevant area of study. In accordance with students' active participation in School of Education governance, duly appointed students may also participate in reviewing applicant files. In addition to grades and test scores, we will assess your application by noting achievements in graduate study, employment, and extracurricular and other voluntary activities that you describe in your statement of purpose.

BE3 requires interviews of top-ranked applicants. We will notify all applicants who are invited to interview sometime in the first two weeks of February.

Notification of Decision

The Graduate School of Education sends recommendations for admission to the Graduate Division between February and April for final approval. Notice from the Graduate Division constitutes official approval of admission. Communication or correspondence with the Graduate School of Education or an individual faculty member does not constitute approval of admission.


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