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Developmental Teacher Education

This section is only for students who started their program in Summer/Fall 2017 or before. Students who will be starting in Summer 2018 will follow the BE3 program structure.

The Developmental Teacher Education Program (DTE) is dedicated to improving the quality of classroom learning by educating teachers to create equitable classrooms for linguistically and culturally diverse learners in urban settings.

​The DTE program draws ideas from a broad range of educational research and practice to help teacher candidates develop as effective beginning teachers.

DTE teacher candidates build a deep understanding of the interplay between children’s development, teaching, and learning, with a focus on teaching for social justice and arts integration. We are guided by the belief that public education is about meeting the standards – and going beyond. It is about equity and social justice. It is about connecting with communities. It is about teaching and leading with a vision.

The DTE Experience

DTE program is a 15-month, full time program beginning each year in June. DTE integrates diverse field experiences with challenging coursework to foster reflective and critical professional efficacy. 

Additionally, DTE students:

have field experiences in four different phases: first and second summer fieldwork takes place at our Arts and Academic Language Summer School in Oakland Unified School District, with more extended student teaching in local elementary school classrooms in the fall and spring semesters. 

are placed in a variety of school settings reflecting the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on placements in urban contexts.
often work with DTE graduates as cooperating teachers and field supervisors.

More information: Download Program Scope and Sequence

Our Impact

Our candidates are some of the best prepared teachers in the country. They exceed their state and national peers on assessments of teacher performance such as planning and implementing instruction, engaging students in learning, and assessing student learning. DTE graduates enjoy ample employment opportunities in San Francisco Bay Area elementary and middle school classrooms, and often serve as mentors for DTE teacher candidates over the years. Our graduates become part of a large network of teachers and educational leaders dedicated to improving teaching and schools throughout their careers.

Integration of Research

In DTE, we are continually working to improve our own practice as teacher educators. Just as we ask candidates to reflect upon and assess their own practice, we are also constantly examining what we can do to improve our teaching and DTE candidate learning. We believe strongly that being a teacher means cultivating a lifelong inquiry stance, and we try to present a good example by critically examining our own practices and engaging in research related both to children’s development and teacher learning. This work informs the broader field of teacher education, helps to deepen teacher knowledge and practice, works toward improved learning for students, and ultimately informs better quality schools.


A strong candidate for the DTE program has: 

a commitment to pursuing issues of equity in classrooms, schools, and communities;

experience working with elementary school children, preferably in a public school setting;

a strong interest in understanding child development as a basis for elementary teaching;
and a desire to explore the interplay between theory and reflective practice.

Volunteer or paid experience with elementary school age children, preferably in public school settings, is expected of all applicants.
Students from all undergraduate backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Visit the GSE Admissions page for more information.

Fellowships and Support

Most DTE candidates receive some level of support via fellowships and grants, based on both merit and need.

For more information, see GSE Fees and Financial Support.