Prof. Zeus Leonardo Elected to National Academy of Education

February 4, 2022

Graduate School of Education Professor Zeus Leonardo has just been elected to the National Academy of Education (NAEd), one of the most prestigious honors awarded to educators. He is the seventeenth School of Education faculty member to be honored with election to the NAEd. Leonardo said upon receiving the honor: "Being inducted into the National Academy of Education is a great honor and represents a rewarding moment in what has otherwise been a career filled with joy. The NAEd is an illustrious group of just under 200 active scholars, including international members, having been created in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-1960s, a legacy that is not lost on me and which I plan to honor. As part of an underrepresented population, my induction represents the steady demographic diversification of the NAEd’s roster, which is palpable simply by perusing its membership’s history. Just as important, as a critical theorist and race scholar, I add to the membership’s range of epistemological difference, which the NAEd shows it values when it welcomes new perspectives into its portfolio as knowledge production changes over time. I look forward to interacting with the NAEd’s members and the important work they generate as my induction gets underway. Finally, it comes with great satisfaction and pride to bring home this recognition to UC Berkeley, an institution where I have always felt welcomed, appreciated, and valued."