Linda Morell

Linda Morell researches and lectures on critical issues in educational assessment and evaluation.  

She teaches program evaluation in the Graduate School of Education. Her courses address evaluation theory, design, and methodology. She also directs research projects from the BEAR Center. She directs the IES-funded project, Developing & Testing Multi-Component Computer-Based Assessment Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards. This project brings together UC Berkeley, Stanford University, the SERP Institute, and the San Francisco Unified School District to connect practice and research. The project is designed to develop assessment tasks that combine core content and science and engineering practices.  She also leads the assessment component of the San Francisco Health Investigators (SFHI) project through a grant to UCSF from NIH. She researches issues for the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) project and other projects of interest.  She develops grant proposals, trains graduate students and post-doctoral scholars, and writes about current issues in educational research.


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Morell, L. (2009).   Contributions of Middle Grade Students to the Validation Process of a National Science Assessment Study.  In D. Hough (Ed.), Middle Grade Research:  Exemplary Studies Linking Theory to Practice (pp. 148-159).  Charlotte, NC:  Information Age Publishing, Inc. 


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

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