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Susan Holloway

Professor *
Ph.D., Stanford University, Child Development and Early Childhood Education

Susan Holloway is interested in families and schooling within the United States and Japan. Much of her research explores the thoughts, values and expectations of parents and other caregivers regarding the socialization and education of young children. Her work on schooling has focused on the conditions that contribute to low-SES children's engagement in school and their academic achievement. She has also examined the experiences of young children in a variety of early education settings. Recently, she has been engaged in research on the accommodation of families who have a child with a cognitive disability.

Susan Holloway was a Spencer Fellow of the National Academy of Education and a Fulbright Research Scholar in Kobe, Japan. She is the author of Contested Childhood: Diversity and Change in Japanese Preschools, published by Routledge (2000). She also co-authored the book Through My Own Eyes: Single Mothers and the Cultures of Poverty, published by Harvard University Press (1997). Her most recent book, Women and Family in Contemporary Japan, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010. The book focuses on women's experience of parenting in Japan, tracking shifting discourses about mothers and parenting from early modern into contemporary times and exploring the ways in which current social conditions shape women's perceptions of their role and support -- or undermine -- their sense of parenting competence.

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